Get Fired Up During the Pandemic

We are living through an unprecedented time. We walked into 20/20 with a clear vision of how we wanted to achieve our greatest goals, dreams, and success. Well, I’m here to tell you that you can still achieve great success. Want to know how? The answer is a short, three-step process: Get Fired Up, Think Big, and Take Action Now! The action you take is derived from your thoughts. Don’t allow the negativity around you to affect your thoughts and actions. Channel your thoughts into positive areas leading to positive actions and positive outcomes. It is essential, right now, that you understand and believe that you have within you all the power you need to create thought and take action.

Too many people fear change, and that fear creates a paralyzing worry that slows down and eventually kills progress. All of your dreams and goals require you to face and overcome change and worry. These are two of the biggest “bumps” in the road to success. Everybody runs into them. And that’s okay. It’s just part of the process, something you face, get through, and forget. People who set their minds on achievement will always make a successful journey. Circumstances, no matter how severe, will always be overcome. 

Successful people take a different approach and become creative to find solutions and move forward. You are a creative person, and you have talents that you can bring out, develop, enhance, and excel in. Believe it! Now is the time! Take from the day, don’t go through the day. You have the opportunity now that you may not have had before. Take action! The motivated, take action person knows that regardless of how bad the current situation may be, things have to get better. They’ll get better because he or she will make it so. 

“Success is in the moment—so make every moment count!!!”

I wish you great success! 

Omar Periu


Excerpts from Omar’s Get Fired Up” book





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