Gratitude to Greatness

This has been a year for the history books. We have endured more than we could have imagined at the turn of the year. But look how far we’ve come! Focusing on the positive side of a difficult situation is good for your mental and physical health. And as you know, health is wealth. In this holiday season, I’m reminded of the importance of gratitude. In achieving success in our lives and creating a positive mindset we must have gratitude - giving thanks for what we have, our family, friends, things we’ve accomplished, and things we’ve overcome.

Make each day as perfect as possible. Make this your personal policy. Never go to sleep at night without being complete. By that I mean you have all the elements within you to make any day a great day. Wealth, achievement, satisfaction and even joy all come from within. 

I want you every night to define three actions or events that will cause you to genuinely declare that you had a great day. No matter what has happened, there are at least three great things that happen to you and that you are thankful for every day. That’s true for all of us. Sometimes you have to make an effort to create those three things. I do it automatically. For example, I do three things every day that guarantee I’ll have a great day. I pray, I work out, and I read. No matter what else happens, any day that has those three elements in it is a great day for me. Each of us has to create a tapestry of life from the elements of life for one basic reason and I want you to remember this. Life is too long not to be happy, and thankful.

Greatness is within you. This is a fact whether you believe it or not. Greatness is there in your heart, mind and soul. Dream big and take massive action now. Live your life with a heart of gratitude and abundance and you will make all your dreams and goals come true.

I wish you great success and a great holiday!

Omar Periu


Excerpts from Omar’s Zero to Wealth book




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  • This is great! Thank you for the reminder to have a heart of gratitude.


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