Help Yourself to Happiness

Happiness is defined as “the enjoyment of pleasure without pain.” I want you to understand something that will probably contradict what most of you have been told and what many of you believe. Happiness is the natural state of human beings. We’re supposed to be happy. Happiness came with the purchase order. It’s built into the system. It is as much a part of your life as your heart, lungs, brain, toes and fingernails.



No, life is not supposed to be a blissful, uneventful, pain-free existence. “Into each life some rain must fall.” We all will face times of adversity. But none of those temporary interruptions should prevent you from being happy. Here are three things that will move you toward happiness:

    1. Decide to be happy. Yes, you can just be happy. For the most part, happiness is a matter of choice.
    2. Have an attitude of gratitude. Give thanks for what you have, family, friends, accomplishments, and adversities you've overcome.
    3. Monitor your emotions. Happiness is a state of mind and often you can bring it or keep it, even in trying situations.




I can’t define happiness for all the readers of this newsletter. Each of you has his or her own vision of living an extraordinary life. What I can do is remind you to be happy and provide you with insight into how to define, find, and live your personal version of happiness and success. Let me show you how. Inquire about my 1-on-1 Coaching Program and let's make it happen!

I wish you happiness and great success in 2021!

Omar Periu

Excerpts from Omar’s I Will Not Be Denied book

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