Making All Your Dreams Come True by Mastering The Anatomy of a Goal

One of the reasons I’ve been so successful in building companies and individuals is because I’ve been able to teach people to create outrageous goals. I’ve taught this for many years to millions of students, it works for them, it works for me, and I know it will work for you. Let’s get started! All too often as we mature into adulthood, it becomes difficult to let ourselves believe that we can have anything we want if we will just apply direction and goal-seeking processes to our desires. What we let our lives become tends to get in the way of the dreams we had in our youth.  Somewhere along the line, we started living by default- accepting what others had in mind for us or opportunities that came our way, instead of making our own opportunities. We began living from day to day instead of creating our lives.


Other adults who don’t have what they want, or who don’t understand the process of getting what they want, will reinforce the notion that you can’t expect to have everything, or that getting what you want isn’t easy or simple. They’ll say “Grow up and accept what life gives you”. That’s the worst advice anyone can give or accept.  People, who say they are not content with their own lives, would probably have a hard time accepting the success of others. You see, if you succeed, you make them look or feel bad. You show them up as being wrong.

When we don’t get what we want, we tend to blame others for holding us back or we blame our circumstances, never the only person who can do something about the situation, the person you face daily in the mirror. I believe there are three main reasons people don’t achieve what they say they want out of life.


  1. They aren’t willing to do what it takes to get what they want, which is a choice they make. ( most people will do what it takes if they want something bad enough)
  2. They don’t understand the processes involved in getting what they want.
  3. They don’t understand that they already know how to get more. 

I’m hoping that everyone will be able to eliminate excuse number 2 and that their new understanding of the processes will fire them up to eliminate excuse number one, or to at least accept accountability for their lives as they are living them right now. In regards to number three, doing this is so easy and natural that most people overlook it, but I’m going to point it out clearly to you so you can’t go on missing it.


I recommend that you adjust your #1 human default goal. Rather than desiring to be comfortable, why not choose to be happy, healthy and wealthy? By wealth, I mean whatever you think it is, for some, it is earning $30,000 per year, for others it is having a million dollars in the bank and living off the interest. It can be more than that or less. It will very likely change as you grow and achieve. Money can’t buy health or happiness, although a lot of people try. Happiness and health are things that you bring with you on your search for wealth. The trip is not as much fun if you get where you are going and find out you forgot to pack them.


When you find yourself not feeling well, do whatever it takes to stop any negative thoughts that may be contributing to your poor state of health and take action to find something that pleases you or makes you laugh right out loud. In other words, set and seek the goal of becoming healthy again. You’ll be amazed at how much better you start to feel. You will have become proactive instead of being reactive to the stimulation. You will have made a positive choice. You are now in control of your circumstances, your circumstances are not controlling you. 


That’s how you live an extraordinary life. 


I hope this will help you achieve outrageous goals to take you to the next level!


I wish you great success,

Omar Periu.

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