Steps to Achieving Greatness - Part 1

Building Goals

The first key to becoming successful is to set goals in all areas of your life. Your goals must be tied into your purpose. Your purpose is your life long mission. Your goals are mini steps to achieve your life long mission. The following will help you to attain the kind of momentum you want for your business, yourself and your family.

Once you have defined your purpose, you will follow these steps. 

  1. Turn your goals into a personal mission.
    1. Define all categories that you wish to achieve.
    2. Write your goals in a timeline.
    3. Write an empowering affirmation goal statement.

The affirmative goal statement is what you will accomplish from this goal. Begin with “I” and write your statement in present tense and positive language (for example, “I will add 100 prospects to my pipeline in 6 months.”) Write it as if you already own the goal.


 2. Create timelines to achieve your goals. The mind draws what you think about most, so you want to have your goals around you at all times. What I like to do is put them in my wallet, so I can look at them at least three times a day.

You must think in terms time, because each goal will build to the next timeline. 

  1. Short-range Goals (1-90 days)
  2. Mid-range Goals (3-12 months)
  3. Long-range Goals (1-5 years)


3. Identify the benefits you, your family, your business and your community will enjoy as a result of attaining this goal.
4. It is important you analyze where you are so you can understand what it is going to take to achieve your goals. For instance, be honest with yourself about your weaknesses, your strengths and assets as well as behaviors, limitations, fears, and weaknesses that prevent you from accomplishing your stated goal immediately. 
5. Identify the road blocks and prioritize how you will overcome them one step at a time. 


There are two basic types of risk to overcome: internal and external. Internal risks are the risks you pose for yourself; thoughts are things. You become what you think about most. You attract what you are thinking about. External risks are created by other peoples negativity or your economic status for instance, the conditions of your financial status.



Follow along as I continue with part two of the nine steps to creating business goals and achieving greatness.

And remember, the only 100% effective form of learning is mentoring! There is no better way to achieve the success you want, the greatness you deserve, and the life you are entitled to than through mentoring.  


"Success is in the moment, so make every moment count."

I wish you great success!

Omar Periu

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