You Have Everything You Need

As we move into the holiday season, I want to encourage you all and believe me when I say that you already have, as a gift from God, everything you need to achieve great wealth. Everything. 


Wealth is not an end in itself. Wealth is a tool that should be used to create even greater achievement. The fine-tuning you might need—continuous education, the energy to succeed, health, spirituality, family and relationships, financial independence, more experience, influential contacts, and so on—will come in time if you apply these gifts now. God is within you, and that means the power and strength of God are your power and strength. Allowing God to work through you is an essential step in creating, securing, and growing wealth. Your riches will allow you to do great works and achieve a happy heart, which is the real definition of wealth.

I read a great quote from a great little book, Your Infinite Power To Be Rich by Joseph Murphy. “God’s wealth is circulating in my life, and there always is a Divine surplus.” That’s so true. You can start with nothing and still rise to great achievement and earn great wealth. And that’s not propaganda from some “feel good” tract on the free enterprise system. Our nation’s history and any country using the free enterprise system is full of incredibly successful people who have overcome incredible odds. Any legitimate list of the “ten wealthiest” or “ten most successful” people in America will include men and women who came from different races, beliefs, national origins, ages, and economic status. 

I know we can all do it because however you define “we,” we have already done it. Others have shown us the way. There are no excuses. People with far humbler origins than you and I, people with greater handicaps and challenges, and people who have fought and won battles you and I can’t even imagine have made it to the top. You can join them, or if you’re on your way, I can show you how to get there faster with my system. It’s a matter of choice. What’s your decision going to be? 

P.S.: Remember to condition your mind and body for success.

“Success is in the moment - So make every moment count!”

Omar Periu 


Excerpts from Omar’s Zero to Wealth book


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